A little bit about who I am.



My name is Olivier Archer

I've always been interested in Art and Creating things. Mmmm... ideas... so delcious!

A brief summery of my life goes as follows. I was born in Haiti on the 12th of July, yea Haiti I know, it's a crazy place. However I only stayed there until I was five years old because we went to Jamaica to visit family for the summer but suddenly there was an embargo in Haiti and we were unable to go back.

This made us stay in Jamaica for a long time and I loved it, I used to pass Bob Marley's house (it's a museum now) everyday on the way to school. When I was 13 we moved again but this time to Honduras, that was a massive culture shock for me. Honduras was a crazy place and I hated it for a while but then I was able to connect and started enjoying the way of life over there.

That's been a lot so far but after Honduras I turned 18, graduated high school and it was time for higher eductation. For that reason I came to Switzerland and did most of my studies in Cinematography at the ECAL. However I took some time off to go visit Australia and attempt a project in France. It's been crazy but I wouldn't trade it for the world.